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EverWhite Named Best of The Best in OnLine Buying Guide!

Looking for the best whiteboard? Look for a board that always performs at its best and that lasts the longest.

If you’re looking for a whiteboard that stands up to heavy use, that always stays white (guaranteed) and that lasts a lifetime, the best option is the EverWhite dry erase board. Here’s what the online buying guide Galt said about EverWhite whiteboards: “If you want a dry erase board that will last through a lot of use, whether in a classroom or business, EverWhite is the answer.” (Read more of the buying guide’s recommendation.)

These whiteboards are manufactured with a proprietary, non-porous surface that does not allow marker ink to penetrate. The surface is so solid that EverWhite offers a lifetime guarantee against ghosting and staining. Even permanent marker ink can be removed from an EverWhite dry erase surface by writing over the ink with a dry erase marker, and then wiping all away.

EverWhite boards are the simplest to clean. For regular use, all that’s needed is a cloth; microfiber cloths work best. For occasional cleaning, water or any standard window cleaner, such as Windex®, can be used without harming the surface.

EverWhite boards are available with magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces, so if your presentation needs don’t require papers, you can save money by ordering a non-magnetic surface.

EverWhite ensures quality construction of its whiteboards by manufacturing them at its Wisconsin plant. That durability is another reason EverWhite boards are the best.