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Enhance Whiteboard Presentations with Simple Drawings

Easy-to-draw shapes can add a lot to your whiteboard presentation. You don’t need to be a professional artist to create drawings that enhance your lesson, according to Rex Hammock in an installment of his “Mastering a Whiteboard with Skills You Learned in First Grade” blog series.

whiteboard drawingHammock advises that simple drawings can serve as metaphors that will help your audience better remember your information. He notes that drawings “can serve as metaphors for the types of issues and subjects one uses in business planning or presenting. However, you can apply these tips to the types of metaphors used in education or any topic for which you use a whiteboard to plan or present.”

Hammock has examples of simple drawings to represent time, organization, goals, obstacles, options, growth, the internet, and a network.

See his examples and recommendations and start enhancing your classroom or business presentations with drawings!