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Elementary School Teacher Calls Whiteboards a ‘Must Have’ for Classrooms

Whiteboards are common in classrooms at all levels of education. They’re not just common, their essential, according to teacher Kalena Baker.

classroom whiteboards“I really don’t know what I would have done if I had to teach in a time before whiteboards and markers,” she writes in her Teaching Made Practical blog. “They were essential to my classroom – so essential that they are one of my “9 Must Haves for Elementary Teachers.”

She cites several benefits of traditional classroom whiteboards, including:

  • Increased Student Engagement
  • Allows for Quick Assessment
  • Allows for a Quick, Unplanned Activity When You Are Interrupted
  • Easy to Erase Mistakes

Baker advises the establishment of procedures for use of whiteboards and dry erase markers. Those can cover such areas as marker storage, personal markers vs community markers, and care of dry erase markers.

Click here to read her blog, including all of her advice on using whiteboards in an elementary grade classroom.