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Tips for More Productive Brainstorming – Using a Whiteboard

Chances are someone in your company is always thinking and collaborating on new, fresh ideas to bring to the table. The Adobe blog, Creative Collaboration, explains that having a brainstorming session can spark big ideas while also keeping employees engaged. While it may seem like all you need is a small room and a big whiteboard, the blog’s author offers some key points that will help lead to a more successful brainstorming session.

whiteboard brainstormingThe Right Group and Group Leader – Attitude is everything when embarking on a brainstorming session, so choose employees who will bring both good ideas and energy.

Keep a Running List – Assure your group that there are no dumb ideas and be sure to write down everything that is said. This not only helps you remember what was brought up, but also encourages your team as they see their ideas being recorded.

Create Rules Beforehand – Most sessions tend to go off topic at some point. Write down ground rules for the brainstorming session to keep it on track.

Try Brain-Writing – It is especially important that everybody’s voice is heard, including your group’s introverts. Allowing people to write their ideas on paper and then passing them to the next person ensures that everyone is engaged.

Save Critique for Later – Yes, you do need to weed out the good from the bad ideas, however, the brainstorming session itself is not the time for it. Brainstorming is meant for the free flow of creative ideas, so keep a positive attitude throughout the session and save narrowing down ideas for later.

Read the full blog for more tips on your brainstorming session.

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