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Brainstorming (and Prioritizing Ideas!) on a Whiteboard

With the amount of bright minds in today’s society, brainstorming sessions on a whiteboard are a great tool to utilize for companies. But when there are almost too many suggestions that could potentially be THE knockout idea, teams run into the problem of not having enough time, money, or manpower to see the ideas through. Follow these tips to prioritize ideas efficiently and effectively during your whiteboard brainstorming session.

  • Fail Fast: If an idea isn’t going to work out, it is important to figure this out as early as possible. Testing early on in the development stage requires lots of planning beforehand, so be sure to do research on how you will track what is and is not working. Testing often is just as important in moving this process along quicker; the sooner you figure out that an idea will not work out, the better.
  • Quality AND Quantity: Conducting a quantitative phase allows companies to prioritize ideas at an early stage in the development process. By also adding a qualitative phase, the brainstormers can then sort through the good and the great before going further along.

Read more of Cassandra McNeill’s ideas on prioritizing ideas in her blog.

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