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Benefits of Whiteboards for Businesses

Whiteboards are commonly found on business office and conference room walls, but their potential to help a business is often underestimated.

The solution? Approaches that will make meetings more interesting and productive, according to advice offered by InkFactory.

“Visualizing on dry erase boards is one of the best ways to capture ideas during team meetings,” the post says, noting that InkFactory has more than 500 square feet of whiteboards.

The author offers key ideas to take full advantage of whiteboards in business settings:

  1. Write Legibly – It might sound like a given, but writing so people can read the words is essential. Write in capital letters. Write slowly. Write big enough so people in the back of the room can read the words.
  2. Save Space – You’re trying to come up with ideas, so leave whitespace on the board so you can record those ideas – and maybe color-code the ideas on level of importance or urgency.
  3. Use Dark Colors – Light-colored dry erase markers are hard to read on a whiteboard, especially for people who are farther back in a room.
  4. Write in Reverse – Use a dark-color dry erase marker to fill in a block of space, then use the eraser end of a pencil to write in the block; the letters or drawings will stand out from the dark background.
  5. Think Big – Test your writing size by having someone in the back of the room let you know if he or she can read what has been written. If not, write larger.
  6. Have Good Markers Ready – Whiteboards are not much good without dry erase markers, or markers that have next to no ink. So have fresh dry erase markers ready. (Tip: If a marker runs low on ink, tie a string around the end of the marker, secure the string with tape, and spin the marker around; remaining ink will be moved to the top of the marker.) The tips of most dry erase markers are chiseled, allowing you to write narrow and wide letters.

Read more about the above tips to help your business meetings and planning with the help of business whiteboards, at the Ink Factory website. Then, check out our selection of whiteboards for use in your business.

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