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7 Ways to Engage Students with Use of a Whiteboard

teacher at whiteboardKeeping students engaged can be a challenge for any teacher. Every teacher knows a variety of techniques to captivate students and get them involved in a lesson. Blogger Hanson Grant advises that use of a whiteboard can be a very effective way to promote engagement.

“When it comes to keeping students engaged, and excited to learn, whiteboards get the job done,” Grant writes in a blog at Think Board.

He offers seven tips on how to use whiteboards in the classroom.

Brainstorming — Divide students into groups, each with its own whiteboard. Challenge the students to explore a new subject, with ideas written on the whiteboard.

Q&A Session – Individual whiteboards can be especially helpful for students who are not comfortable being called on.

Vocabulary – The teacher can write words and multiple choice answers of the word meanings, with students writing answers on their whiteboards or paper.

Math Problems – As whiteboards can be easily wiped clean, students who need to “start over” on a math problem can do so.

“Pictionary” – Use a whiteboard for a version of the popular game, focusing on vocabulary or upcoming test material.

One-on-One — Work on a whiteboard one-on-one with students who are struggling.

Spelling – For younger students who participate in spelling bees and quizzes, whiteboards are a great tool.

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