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5 Reasons Why Whiteboards Are Valuable in the Classroom

Simple and Reusable. Versatile. Non-Messy, Participative. Cost Effective.

Those are the attributes that whiteboards have for classroom teaching, says Natasha Gilani in her article at the website.

classroom whiteboardsSimple and Reusable – As you can write and erase quickly on a whiteboard, they’re great for quick explanation and spontaneous work, Gilani notes. EVERWhite boards, with a non-porous surface, are incredibly easy to wipe clean. Gilani also praises whiteboards for their use in discussions and in “unfolding processes.”

Versatile – Use a whiteboard for interactive exercises, brainstorming, discussions, and for spontaneous activities. No need to be hooked up or have the settings configured!

Non-Messy – Unlike blackboards, there is no dust when erasing writing and drawings on a whiteboard. And, as noted above, the erasability of non-porous boards like EVERWhite makes clean-up a breeze.

Participative – Multiple users can write on a dry erase board at the same time, supporting collaboration and participation, Gilani says.

Cost Effective – Whiteboards and whiteboard accessories such as markers and magnets are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of interactive boards. EVERWhite offers a lifetime guarantee on its boards, adding tremendous value.

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