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5-Foot-Tall Whiteboards Now Available

5-foot projection whiteboardEVERWhite now offers 5-foot-tall whiteboards with a matte surface that makes them ideal for use as projection screens. These “ULTÍmatte” boards are available in four dimensions: 5×6, 5×8, 5×10 and 5×12.

The matte surface also mutes glare from room lighting an natural lighting.

The taller dimension allows for larger presentation projection, which is especially valuable in large classrooms, lecture halls and training rooms. When compared to common 4-foot-tall whiteboards, ULTÍmatte boards have 20 percent more space for projecting or writing.

Like all EVERWhite boards, the ULTÍmatte surface is guaranteed never to stain or ghost, and is extremely easy to keep clean.

Learn more about ULTÍmatte 5-foot whiteboards.