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EverWhite Now Offers 4×3-Foot Whiteboards

4x3 whiteboard with wide aluminum frameEverWhite now offers whiteboards 4 feet high by three feet wide. We’ve had many requests for 4×3 boards, and have always been able to make them as custom-size boards,but now they are a standard size for our regular aluminum-framed whiteboards.

When ordering, just use the size selector to choose the 4×3 size.

These 4×3 boards are available with magnetic or non-magnetic dry erase surfaces. They also can be ordered with custom graphics of your choice. As with all our whiteboards, the marker surface is non-porous and guaranteed not to stain.

These marker boards are ideal for many applications, including reception areas as for welcome messages, offices for schedules and reminders, restaurants for daily specials, athletic training rooms for workout plans, classrooms for homework assignments and other notes, and other areas.

See our Whiteboards category page and select a 4×3 size option on aluminum framed boards.

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