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10 Tips to Command a Whiteboard Presentation

“Writing and drawing on a whiteboard is not only a great way to visually reflect what’s being said in the meeting, it’s a great way to command the meeting.” That’s the advice of Ben Crothers, a designer and strategic facilitator.

Crothers also is the author of Presto Sketching – a book about using simple drawings to help you explore problems, explain concepts, and envision new ideas.

Whiteboard use is part of his recommended approach to keeping people on task in meetings and during presentations.

In a two-installment blog, Crothers offers these 10 tips for commanding meetings through whiteboard use:

  1. Slow down
  2. Get decent dry erase markers
  3. Practice writing
  4. Master outline text
  5. Master a small set of icons
  6. Plan the structure of your whiteboard space
  7. Use color to add meaning and emphasis
  8. Breathe life into commonly used boxes and arrows
  9. Give meeting participants a dry erase marker
  10. Take a picture of the board to reinforce what was decided

Read more details about the above 10 tips at Crothers’ Presto Sketching blog.

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