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For Project Management, Traditional Whiteboards Are ‘Fast and Easy’

Fast and easy. That’s what project managers and software developers like about whiteboards.

big selection - whiteboards for sale“People often think they have to choose a complicated software system for their task management, but have you thought about doing it analogue with a simple whiteboard?” asks Michael Thomas Albert in his TeamViewer blog. “By adding a pad of Post-It™ notes, or a set of index cards, whiteboards can be just as effective as a computer-based solution,” he continues.

Albert calls a traditional whiteboard “especially ideal for team meetings since everyone present can easily get involved and thus gain a better understanding of the overall project.”

Similarly, at The Agile Pirate blog for software developers, whiteboards are touted as ideal for quicker results.

“If you aim to improve, inspect and adapt on a frequent basis in a highly unconstrained way, stick to a whiteboard (as large as possible),” the blog author writes. “Your process will adapt to the project significantly faster with a manual board.”

The blogger’s experience is that electronic and digital tools can impose an “immediate speed barrier” to the process.

EVERWhite offers a variety of large-size whiteboards in dimensions up to 4’ high by 20’ wide. See our selection of traditional aluminum-framed and wood-framed whiteboards.

Through our Custom Shop, we create custom-printed whiteboards. Those can include designs for project management, key performance indicators, and other images and wording. See examples.