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BARRICADEpro Door Barricade

BARRICADEpro door barrier logoKeep Classroom and Office Occupants Safe and Secure
from Active Shooters with Dual-Use Whiteboard Door Barricade

Keep classroom and office occupants safe and secure during active-shooter incidents with BARRICADEpro – the quick-to-deploy door barricade designed to stop rounds from high-powered rifles during active-shooter incidents, and to keep intruders out during lockdowns.

Contact MobileGuardBARRICADEpro isn’t just for reliable protection during active-shooter incidents. The school security unit’s magnetic whiteboards allow for daily use for presentations, collaboration or other use — and give BARRICADEpro an unobtrusive look in a classroom or other room.

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Barricade Deploys in Less than 20 Seconds

BARRICADEpro rolls easily on 5-inch, lockable swivel casters. When a lockdown is called for, the door barrier can be rolled into position in less than 20 seconds. With the heavy duty casters locked, BARRICADEpro can’t be pushed by an intruder. Its design also prevents tipping, further assuring the safety of room occupants, and enhancing school security.

At 44 inches wide and 85 inches tall, it completely covers standard classroom and office doors.

BarricadePro videoLockdown Protection You Can Count On

  • Handles and swivel casters allow for fast positioning to block a doorway
  • Heavy duty casters easily lock in place
  • Interior quarter-inch steel armor that overlaps at all edges
  • Designed to meet NIJ Level III ballistic criteria
    • in testing, stopped bullets from 9mm to 7.62 mm lead core rifle ammunition used in high-power rifles
  • Ballistic protection to 0.6 inch of the floor
  • No sight lines into a room when BARRICADEpro is deployed
  • Completely covers standard classroom or office doorways

Use Its Whiteboard Surfaces Every Day

  • EVERWhite whiteboard surfaces on interior front and side panels
  • Dry erase surfaces are guaranteed not to stain or ghost
  • Whiteboard surfaces are magnetic, offering expanded presentation use
  • The non-glaring matte surfaces prevent reflections from room or projector lighting
  • They look like mobile whiteboards, so their presence as a security device is unobtrusive

Contact MobileGuardBARRICADEpro is part of the MOBILEGuard family  of security products by EVERWhite, designed in consultation with school and security personnel. Order now by calling 800-335-7319, or use our BARRICADEpro quick contact form.

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