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Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic Dry Erase Surface Adds Versatility for Presentations

magnetic whiteboardsA magnetic whiteboard has an underlying sheet of steel that provides the magnetic attraction. That expands use of the board by allowing papers or other thin materials to be displayed by use of magnets.

Some manufacturers only offer magnetic whiteboards, but EVERWhite gives buyers the option of selecting a magnetic surface or a non-magnetic surface. If magnetism isn’t needed, a non-magnetic board can be a less costly option.

EVERWhite offers a wide variety of styles and sizes of magnetic whiteboards, as well as custom sizes and marker boards with custom graphics printed below the magnetic dry erase surface.

An EVERWhite magnetic dry erase board offers three ways for users to present information:

  1. writing on the surface with a dry erase marker,
  2. adhering papers via a magnet and,
  3. applying sticky notes, such as Post-it® Notes.

whiteboard magnetsEVERWhite offers clip magnets and button magnets that are designed for use on a magnetic whiteboard. Other types, such as letters and shapes, are commercially available at retail stores or at  online shops. Make sure the magnets you select have smooth edges so they do not scratch the dry erase surface. (A scratch can create an opening in the non-porous surface, and potentially lead to staining in that area.)

Get a Plain, Pre-Printed or Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard

All types of EVERWhite dry erase boards are available with magnetic surfaces as an option. That includes our standard marker boards, our preprinted dry erase boards,  our custom-printed whiteboards, and our two-sided mobile whiteboards.

We manufacture each EVERWhite magnetic dry erase board with a 24-gauge steel backing that provides a strong attraction for magnets, so documents or other items will remain attached.

magnetic whiteboardSee our magnetic whiteboard selection and shop now! Or check out some of our popular magnetic whiteboards:

Wondering whether you need a magnetic whiteboards or non-magnetic for your school classroom? Check out our advice in our whiteboard blog section.