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High Quality is No. 1 Focus for EverWhite Manufacturing

EverWhite whiteboards are known as the best in the industry. It’s not just because of our guaranteed-not-to-stain dry erase surface, but also because of the attention we pay when manufacturing each whiteboard.

whiteboard guaranteed not to stainAs a manufacturer that also sells whiteboards online, we are especially devoted to quality. Quality control is emphasized in every step of production at our Wisconsin manufacturing plant. Every operator is cross-trained and empowered to stop the manufacturing process at any time, should he or she encounter an issue.

“Everybody in the shop is responsible for quality,” says Steve Weis, production manager at EverWhite. “We take pride that the boards we manufacture are the best in the industry, and we do a lot to maintain that reputation.”

The quality of the board construction is enhanced by the quality of the dry erase surface, which is made in a proprietary process developed by EverWhite for people who want high-quality whiteboards that don’t stain. Unlike other whiteboards on the market, EverWhite’s whiteboards are non-porous, so dry erase marker ink cannot penetrate the surface. Even permanent marker ink can be removed.

Since the introduction of the EverWhite surface, our dry erase boards have become preferred for use in school classrooms and lecture halls, business conference rooms and scheduling areas, nurse stations, hospital patient rooms and reception areas, restaurants, and athletic training rooms, fields and courts.

EverWhite offers magnetic and non-magnetic whiteboards, as well as whiteboards with common graphics and custom graphics. The graphics are printed below the dry erase surface, so the graphic element is protected and stays bright and fresh as new, and do not cause “bumps” on the surface.

All are made to be the best.

“We constantly review our processes to ensure that the highest quality is being maintained,” Weis said. “We know schools, businesses health care, retail, hospitality  and other customers expect the best from us, and that’s what they get.”