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Need a Whiteboard with a Unique Design or Wording? Use the EVERWhite Custom Shop to Create One!

Custom design options for whiteboards seem endless. We create a wide variety of custom printed dry erase boards, and regularly get requests for new uses.

custom whiteboard design examplesAt EVERWhite, we can use a graphic you provide, or help you design a custom whiteboard.

We imprint the graphics below the dry erase surface. That means the images or wording will never fade, and the image will not cause bumps on the surface.

Custom printed whiteboards are available in our standard board dimensions as well as in custom sizes.

Here are just some of the uses customers have noted in requesting custom whiteboards from EVERWhite:

  • Company logo
  • Volleyball courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Hockey ice
  • Football fields
  • Soccer fields
  • Sports league standings
  • Weight loss program tracking
  • Homework center schedule
  • Armed Forces squadron training
  • Spreadsheet
  • Project scheduling and tracking
  • Festival maps
  • Regional ZIP code map
  • Riding stable horse list and riders
  • Construction project site
  • Construction scheduling
  • Restaurant table seating
  • Fitness center machine use
  • Calendars and planners
  • Day shifts
  • Facility layout
  • Student names
  • Sales rep tracking
  • Staff assignments
  • Equipment inspection checklist
  • Child care menu
  • Business name

Order Your Custom Designed Whiteboard at Our Custom Shop

See how easy it is to order a custom designed whiteboard through out online Custom Shop, and see examples of boards we’ve printed.