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Custom Printed Whiteboards Enhance Communications

Traditional whiteboards remain an important tool in support of good communications in hospitals and clinics. The boards are even more effective when they are customized for specific communications needs, and to support the health care organization’s brand.

patient care whiteboardEVERWhite’s customized whiteboards are especially preferred in health care settings, because the boards’ dry erase surface never stains and is easy to clean, and because the custom graphics are printed below the surface – meaning the writing area is always smooth.

Custom printed whiteboards for health care are commonly used in patient rooms for care notes; at nurse stations for staff assignments and schedules, doctors on-call information; in reception areas and lobbies for welcome notes; and in conference rooms for planning and discussion support.

Custom printed whiteboards are also popular with court and field layouts for sports teams, golf courses for tee times, and businesses for conference rooms and plant floor notes.

EVERWhite can add custom graphics and wording to any size whiteboard, magnetic or non-magnetic, with aluminum or wood frames, and in odd shapes. We offer discounts on bulk orders.

Check out our online Custom Shop to get your custom-designed whiteboard in just three easy steps!