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There’s No Limit to Custom Graphics for Whiteboards

When you think of a whiteboard, the thoughts are often of a plain dry erase board at the front of a classroom or in a conference room. But many organizations want boards with special designs to help them accomplish some task or keep track of information.

whiteboards with graphicsAt EVERWhite, we specialize in custom printed whiteboards. We work with organizations that provide very specific designs, and with organizations that just have a broad idea of what they’d like. For the latter, our expert design staff consults with customers to create the perfect design.

Whiteboards from EVERWhite not only can be custom-printed, but also can be made in custom sizes. Just tell us what you need – We can do it!

Wondering if your idea would work on a whiteboard? It probably will. Just contact our customer service staff to discuss your needs.

To show the diversity of what EVERWhite provides in custom printed boards, following are some examples of recent custom graphic requests:

What’s your idea for a custom graphic whiteboard? Call us at 800-335-7319, or use our handy custom whiteboard request form.