• 1-inch ghost grid whiteboard with inset view of grid, 4x6, 4x8
  • whiteboard marker tray end cap
  • whiteboard aluminum frame corner
  • starter kit - whiteboard dry erase markers and cleaning cloth
  • whiteboard with 2-inch ghosted grid pattern, 4x6, 4x8 frame
  • 4x6 whiteboard with 1-inch ghost grid
  • 3x4 whiteboard with 1-inch ghost grid
  • 4x6 whiteboard with 1-inch ghost grid
  • 4x10 whiteboard, 4x12, with 1 inch ghost grid

EZGrid 1-Inch Ghost Grid Whiteboard – Non-Magnetic

 SKU: N76G16

EZGrid Ghost WhiteboardOne inch ghost grid whiteboard with non-magnetic dry erase surface. The ghosted grid lines facilitate writing and drawing on the whiteboard, but are barely visible to anyone but the user. The dry erase surface board is guaranteed not to stain and is easy to clean.

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Features & Specs

  • Non-magnetic surface
  • 1-inch grid pattern is ghosted below the surface
  • Aluminum frame width is 5/8”
  • Frame aluminum is anodized for a clear, satin finish
  • Dry erase board thickness is ½”
  • Lifetime guaranteed non-staining, non-porous dry erase surface
  • Best erasability of any whiteboard
  • Permanent marker ink can be removed
  • Includes all mounting hardware; easy to install

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