Combination Non-Magnetic Whiteboard and Cork Board – Wide Mahogany Frame – Style C

  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-sand
  • C-style dimensions - combination whiteboard-bulletin board
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×16-fog
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-natural
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-chilipepper
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-charcoal
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-clay
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-fog
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-autumn
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-cobaltblue
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-grass
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-stone
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-sand
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-slate
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-timberwolf
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-whitestone
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-cinnamon
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×8-wheat
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-natural
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-chilipepper
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-charcoal
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-clay
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-fog
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-autumn
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-cobaltblue
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-grass
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-stone
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-sand
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-slate
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-timberwolf
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-whitestone
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-cinnamon
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×6-wheat
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-natural
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-chilipepper
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-charcoal
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-clay
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-fog
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-autumn
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-cobaltblue
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-grass
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-stone
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-sand
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-slate
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-timberwolf
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-whitestone
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-cinnamon
  • Wide-Mahogany-ComboC-4×4-wheat
Made in the USA
Lifetime Surface Guarantee
Volume Discounts Available

Combination Non-Magnetic Whiteboard and Cork Board – Wide Mahogany Frame – Style C


Whiteboard with wide mahogany wood frame and cork panels across top of the dry erase surface. Non-magnetic dry erase will not stain. Six size options; 16-foot-wide version includes two whiteboard sections joined by an H channel. Click on the chart in the gallery below to see dimensions of the cork panels and the whiteboard panel.

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autumn leaves cork color
charcoal cork color
chili pepper cork color
cinnamon cork color
clay cork color
cobalt blue cork color
fog cork color
grass cork color
natural cork color
sand cork color
slate cork color
stone cork color
timber wolf cork color
wheat cork color
cork color white stone

Features & Specs

  • Combination of lifetime guaranteed, non-staining whiteboard surface and self-healing, high-density cork
  • Style C boards include a 1-inch map rail along the bottom of the top cork panel
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Mahogany wood frame is 1-7/8″ (our wide wood frame size)
  • Sizes 4′ X 8′ and larger include a free Starter Kit (microfiber cloth and markers)
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