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Portable Coaching Whiteboards


For coaching, play-planning and tactics planning, EVERWhite’s Edison Series offers portable, rolling whiteboards with pre-printed images of soccer fields, football fields, basketball courts, hockey rinks and volleyball courts.
These mobile coaching boards include:

  • Football – full field image and one half-field image
  • Soccer – full field image and one half-field image
  • Basketball – full court image and two half-court images
  • Hockey – full rink image and two half-rink images
  • Volleyball – two full court images

Contact us for a custom-designed whiteboard for baseball or softball.
These portable whiteboards are easily moved from room to room, or within the locker room.
The graphics are printed on one side of the mobile whiteboard, with the reverse side having a plain dry erase surface. The boards are locked in place but can be easily flipped to the other side by unlocking side knobs. The knobs also allow the boards to be positioned at any angle.
The dry erase surfaces of both sides are guaranteed not to stain – for a lifetime. The field, court and rink graphics are printed below the surface, so there are no bumps encountered when writing or drawing.
These coach’s boards are available with marker surface sizes of 36×48, and 48×72.
The sturdy aluminum frame rests on four large casters that can be locked in place. The casters have non-marking rubber treads.