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EVERWhite Introduces 5-Foot-Tall Projection Whiteboards

5 foot whiteboards - ULTImatteMatte Surface Makes ULTÍmatte Ideal for Projector Presentations

MARCH 15, 2019 — EVERWhite, a leading manufacturer and seller of whiteboards, now offers a lineup of 5-foot-high whiteboards — offering 20% more space than standard whiteboards, and with a matte surface that enhances presentations made with projectors.

5-foot projection whiteboard ULTÍmatte, 5-foot-tall whiteboards are ideal for schools, businesses, sports teams and any other organization that uses a whiteboard as a projection surface, or that wants the extra space for writing and drawing during presentations and collaboration meetings.

Four Width Options

ULTÍmatte whiteboards are available in four widths: 5×6, 5×8, 5×10 and 5×12.

All of the 5-foot-high boards have a matte white surface that, like all EVERWhite dry erase boards and resurfacing panels, is guaranteed not to stain or ghost. The matte surface prevents glares and reflections.

Ideal for Video Presentations

The combination of the matte surface and the 5-foot height makes the ULTÍmatte boards ideal for presentations made with  projectors. With the matte surface, there is no glare from room lights, natural lighting, or projector lighting.

It’s common for teachers and business people to use whiteboards as projection surfaces, so the ULTÍmatte surface was designed to enhance the quality of such presentations.

At 5 feet tall, ULTÍmatte whiteboards offer 20 percent more space for projecting, writing or drawing compared to 4-foot-high boards. The additional space also can improve sight lines to the board when used in large classrooms, lecture halls or conference rooms.

With the additional space and matte surface, this new series offers the ultimate whiteboard experience — thus the ‘ULTÍmatte’ name.

order nowAll 5-foot boards come with a magnetic surface, further extending their use for presentations.

Framing is anodized aluminum, and each board is available with or without a marker tray. Exhibit rails, map rails and other accessories are available.

The 5-foot-high boards are in addition to EVERWhite’s 4-foot-high whiteboards.

About EVERWhite
EVERWhite manufactures and sells a wide variety of dry erase whiteboards, cork boards and combination boards used by schools and universities, health care facilities, businesses and sports teams. Its whiteboards are guaranteed never to stain or ghost, and are available with custom graphics and in custom sizes. EVERWhite, based in Warminster, Pennsylvania, sells online at

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