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The Ubiquitous Whiteboard

In this increasingly technological world, whiteboards remain an essential tool across sectors. If you pay attention, you’ll see how ubiquitous whiteboards are— because they are so useful and simple to use and maintain.

You might recall the series of UPS commercials on television, involving the use of a large whiteboard. The mesmerizing ads were so popular they led to a Saturday Night Live skit. Nowadays, we regularly see accounts of the importance of whiteboards in high-tech giants such as Google and Facebook. We even came across the story of how a U.S. Navy team used a whiteboard to help them design a new missile in just six months.

And we’ve seen countless online “how-to” videos which involve the use of a whiteboard for the presentation. Those are great examples of marrying technology with basic yet powerful tools such as whiteboards.

Pay attention, and you’ll start noticing how whiteboards seem to be everywhere.

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