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Customer Service 1-800-335-7319

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Quantity Discounts Make EverWhite Whiteboards an Even Greater Value

School districts, health care organizations and businesses that order multiple whiteboards from EverWhite benefit from quantity discounts.

Contractors, architects, construction firms and other specifiers trust EverWhite to deliver on multiple -order projects, even when the project calls for a “sole source manufacturer.” Often specifiers have looked to EverWhite because we manufacture our own boards.

whiteboard discount pricingAs the manufacturer, we have flexibility to customize sizes/shapes, cork colors, framing and, most important, custom printing. (Custom graphics are printed under our proprietary surface so the graphics never fade and don’t cause bumps on the surface.) Our Quick Ship program helps when the whiteboards need to be delivered on time for the next semester of school or for a building project that is racing toward a deadline.

Whether you are a specifier or just ordering directly a couple of boards, we make those same discounts available to anyone.

The discounts even apply if ordering different products. For example, if you order one whiteboard and one combination board (part whiteboard, part cork board), a discount would apply. Custom printed whiteboards, and cork bulletin boards qualify for quantity discounts, too.

We offer discounts for 2-10 whiteboards purchased in one order, and greater discounts for purchases of 11 or more boards in one order.

You can see the discounted pricing when you select options on a product page. The discounted price is reflected in the shopping cart once a selection is made.

No matter which EverWhite products you choose, you’ll get top quality boards guaranteed not to stain, and made right in our own manufacturing plant here in the USA. Combined with our lifetime guarantee, our multiple board discount is one more reason EverWhite provides the best value in whiteboards and other presentation boards.