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New MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier is Deployable Deterrent During Active-Shooter Lockdowns

Quickly fortify classrooms or offices during lockdowns with the MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier – new from EVERWhite. Use its whiteboard surfaces every day. During active-shooter lockdowns, it can be rolled into position in less than 20 seconds. Once in position, the MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier deters access to a room via the doorway, and stops bullets from weapons up to high-calibre rifles.

MOBILEGuard ballistic whiteboard door barrier positioned at doorwayWith its heavy duty casters locked, MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier acts as an intruder deterrent, while adding to other layers of security in a classroom. Its quick deployment is an alternative to stacking up furniture in front of doors.

Designed to Stop High-Calibre Ammunition

MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier internal quarter-inch-thick steel plating is designed to stop multiple rounds from high-powered rifles. In testing, the unit met the bullet-stopping criteria of Level 3 of the National Institute of Justice. All corners and edges are wrapped in 14-gauge steel. The steel armor overlaps at all edges.

The unit completely covers common classroom and office doorways – allowing no sight line into the room and no point-of-entry for bullets.

The dry erase, matte surfaces make MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier look like a whiteboard, so it’s unobtrusive as a security device. (Cork bulletin board panels are available as an option to the dry erase surfaces.)

MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier is part of the MOBILEGuard® family of security products for schools, other organizations and businesses, from whiteboard manufacturer EVERWhite. Read more about the new MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier.