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Customer Service 1-800-335-7319

Standard Ship: 7-10 business days

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MOBILEGuard Technology

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MOBILEGuard™ Designed to Stop Bullets Shot at Either Side

The materials we use in MOBILEGuard™ are designed to give the ballistic panels resistance to rounds from ammunition ranging from .22 caliber (5.6mm) to 7.62 mm, which is the criteria for NIJ Level III as established by the National Institute for Justice (NIJ) for ballistic resistance.

SPM - CPM top product awardMOBILEGuard’s multi-layered system of ballistic-resistant materials is designed to stop bullets that impact either side of the panel. The materials also aid in capturing bullet fragmentation.

The MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Panel System was designed in consultation with educators and security professionals.

The system is designed for campus security, school shelter-in-place needs, and in any office or public space where security equipment is needed.

MOBILEGuard™ is manufactured and sold by EVERWhite, which manufactures and sells a wide variety of whiteboards, cork boards and combination boards used in schools, offices, hospitals and factories, and by sports teams at all levels.

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About MOBILEGuard™

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MOBILEGuard™ is the premier shelter-in-place, configurable panel system that also provides daily use in classrooms, offices or other public spaces through its dry erase surfaces. The system is comprised of connectable ballistic resistant panels with EVERWhite’s magnetic, whiteboard or cork surfaces on both sides. The whiteboards are guaranteed not to  ghost or stain.The MOBILEGuard™ family of products now includes the Ballistic Door Barrier. The MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Panel System is sold by Hartford, Wis.-based EVERWhite, a division of Glenroy, Inc. Order now or learn more about MOBILEGuard™ by calling 800-335-7319.