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EVERWhite Introduces MOBILEGuard Ballistic Whiteboards

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MOBILEGuard™ Is the Most Configurable, 
Scalable, Shelter-in-Place Ballistic Barrier Solution for Active-Shooter Incidents

Ballistic Panel System Offers Protection in Classrooms, Offices, Public Spaces

The most configurable and scalable shelter-in-place solution for classrooms, offices and other public spaces is now available in MOBILEGuard™ — a dual-use ballistic barrier product that offers a full spectrum of  ballistic protection during active-shooter events, and whiteboards or cork boards for daily use.

classroom ballistic panels“Schools, businesses and government agencies are looking for effective and flexible shelters for protection during active shooter incidents,” said Jim Muth, general manager of whiteboard manufacturer EVERWhite, which manufactures and sells MOBILEGuard™. “After consulting with security experts and educators, we designed MOBILEGuard™ to provide a full spectrum of ballistic protection, and to provide daily use of the double-sided whiteboards or optional cork boards.”

The ballistic panels of the MOBILEGuard™ system contain the proprietary ballistic technology of Amulet® Protective Technologies, Inc., with EVERWhite’s magnetic whiteboard surfaces or cork boards on both sides.

Ballistic Materials Designed for High-Level Bullet, Blast Resistance

call MOBILEGuard for ballistic whiteboardsThe system offers high-level protection during active-shooter or other intruder incidents. With the advanced Amulet® ballistic technology, MOBILEGuard™ is designed to give the panels blast- and bullet-resistance up to Level III standards of the National Institute of Justice.

That’s resistance to multiple rounds coming from weapons ranging from .22 caliber used in small arms to 7.62mm cartridges used in rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic weapons.

System Is Easy to Install, Configure, and Scale Up

MOBILEGuard shelter in place system for classroomsThe system is designed for easy installation and configuration when multiple panels are attached to create a shelter.

When joined via each panel’s pin hinges, a connected panel can be placed at a broad range of angles compared to the adjacent panel.

There is virtually no space between connected panels, so ballistic integrity remains. The pin hinge design is common on both panel sizes, allowing a tall panel to be connected to a shorter panel.

Variety of Panel Sizes in the System

MOBILEGuard™ ballistic panels come with lockable casters or with a stationary base. The bolt-on base can be interchanged with casters.

Two standard product sizes are available for both the caster and stationary base versions: 78 inches high by 56.5 inches wide, and 54 inches high by 62.5 inches wide.

A 16-inch-wide extension panel also is available. When coupled with an optional wall bracket, the extension panel enables tighter configurations near walls.

All of the panels offer ballistic protection to within 0.6 inch of the floor.

EVERWhite dry erase surfaces on both sides of each panel are guaranteed not to ghost or stain. Custom graphics or wording can be printed below the surface of the whiteboards.

As an option, the panels can be surfaced with cork boards for the entire area or partly with cork and partly with a whiteboard. Cork is available in 15 color options.

“We’re confident that the MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Panel System will be a highly effective component of overall security systems within schools, businesses and public spaces,” Muth said.

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To order MOBILEGuard™ panels or to get more information, contact EVERWhite customer service at 800-335-7319, or use our convenient online form.

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About MOBILEGuard

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MOBILEGuard™ is the premier shelter-in-place, configurable panel system that also provides daily use in classrooms, offices or other public spaces through its dry erase or cork surfaces. The system is comprised of connectable ballistic resistant panels with EVERWhite’s magnetic, whiteboard or cork surfaces on both sides. The whiteboards are guaranteed not toAmulet Protective Technologies ghost or stain. The MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Panel System is sold by Hartford, Wis.-based EVERWhite, a division of Glenroy, Inc., with advanced ballistic technology developed by Scottsdale, Az.-based Amulet® Protective Technologies, Inc. Order now or learn more about MOBILEGuard™ by calling 800-335-7319.