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Click on any question to see the answer regarding the MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Whiteboard Panel System. For answers to other questions, or to order panels, call EVERWhite at 800-335-7319.


Ballistic Resistance

What ballistic resistance does MOBILEGuard provide?
Has MOBILEGuard been tested?
How does MOBILEGuard's ballistic technology work?

Product Specifications and Characteristics

How big are MOBILEGuard panels?
Are MOBILEGuard panels easy to move?
Can I get MOBILEGuard panels without casters?
Is there a gap between connected MOBILEGuard panels?
Can I connect MOBILEGuard panels of different heights?
Is there a way to connect a MOBILEGuard panel to a wall?
Will a MOBILEGuard panel tip over if hit by high-power rifle rounds?
What kind of whiteboard is used for the MOBILEGuard surface?
Can I purchase MOBILEGuard panels without whiteboard surfaces?
Can I get something printed on the whiteboard?
How do MOBILEGuard panels differ from other ballistic products on the market?
Is MOBILEGuard made in America?

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