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MOBILEGuard Configurations

MOBILEGuard ballistic panel system logoBallistic Whiteboard Panel System Makes It Easy
to Configure an Active-Shooter Shelter Unique to Your Needs

MOBILEGuard™ ballistic panels were designed to make it easy for you to create an active-shooter shelter system that best fits the unique needs of your school, business, or public space.

Connected panels — including panels of different heights – can be lined up in a straight line or positioned at a broad range of angles.

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Check out the following slide show images that show just a few of the configuration possibilities.

Connect Panels of Different Heights
EXTENSIONpro Connect Panel System to a Wall
Hinge System Allows Numerous Configurations
Three MOBILEGuard Panels Connected to Create a Shelter
Connect as Many Panels as Needed for a Shelter
Angled Legs Allow for Wide Array of Configurations
MOBILEGuard Ballistic Whiteboard Panels
MOBILEGuard Panels in a U Shape for a Shelter
MOBILEGuard Panels at 45-Degree Angle
MOBILEGuard with 2 Whiteboard Panels and a Cork Board Panel

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About MOBILEGuard™

Logo of whiteboard manufacturer EVERWhite

MOBILEGuard™ is the premier shelter-in-place, configurable panel system that also provides daily use in classrooms, offices or other public spaces through its dry erase surfaces. The system is comprised of connectable ballistic resistant panels with EVERWhite’s magnetic, whiteboard or cork surfaces on both sides. The whiteboards are guaranteed not to  ghost or stain.The MOBILEGuard™ family of products now includes a ballistic door barrier. The MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Panel System is sold by Hartford, Wis.-based EVERWhite, a division of Glenroy, Inc. Order now or learn more about MOBILEGuard™ by calling 800-335-7319.