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MOBILEGuard Door Barrier Product Specifications

door barrier descriptionDesigned to Provide High-Level Protection and Superior Whiteboard Surfaces

The MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier from EVERWhite, helps fortify a classroom or office during active-shooter lockdowns, while providing daily use of its whiteboard surfaces.

These bullet-resistant school security door barricades can be quickly rolled into position, deterring intruders.The MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier is designed to completely cover standard doorways, as an alternative to stacking up furniture.

Full Coverage – The MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier is 85″ tall and 44″ wide to completely cover common doorways that are 80″ tall and 36″ wide, so there is no sight line into the room. Starting at 0.6″ from the floor, ballistic protection extends up 78″.

High-Level Ballistic Protection –The MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier has been tested to meet the Level 3 bullet-resistance criteria of the National Institute of Justice. That criteria requires the ability to stop multiple rounds from high-calibre rifles.

door barrier specs

Deploys Fast – With four 5-inch heavy duty casters and two handles,The MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier can be easily be rolled into position in less than 20 seconds.

Room Fortification –The MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier is designed to fortify a room and to deter active shooters and other intruders.

Non-Staining Whiteboard Surfaces – Front and side panels have EVERWhite’s dry erase surfaces that are guaranteed never to stain or ghost. The matte surface prevents glares and reflections. These whiteboard surfaces allow daily use of The MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Door Barrier and create a non-obtrusive appearance.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall product height – floor to top of top plate = 85″
  • Ballistic protection height = 78″ (from bottom of unit up)
  • Width = 44″
  • Width including caster legs = 58.5″



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