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Customer Service 1-800-335-7319

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MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Classroom Door Barrier

Dual-Use Whiteboard Door Barrier Quickly Rolls in Place to Deter Intruders

Fortify classrooms and offices during active-shooter incidents with the MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Door Barrier – the quick-to-deploy barrier designed to stop rounds from high-powered rifles during active-shooter incidents, and to deter intruders during school security lockdowns.

Contact MobileGuardThe MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Door Barrier isn’t just for quick fortification during active-shooter incidents. The school security unit’s magnetic whiteboards allow for daily use for presentations, collaboration or other use — and give it an unobtrusive look in a classroom or other room.

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Barrier Deploys in Less than 20 Seconds

The MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Door Barrier rolls easily on 5-inch, lockable swivel casters. When a lockdown is called for, the door barrier can be rolled into position in less than 20 seconds, quickly providing a deterrent to intruders, and quick fortification.

At 44 inches wide and 85 inches tall, it completely covers standard classroom and office doors.

classroom door fortificationLockdown Protection You Can Count On

  • Handles and swivel casters allow for fast positioning to deter intruders
  • Interior quarter-inch steel armor that overlaps at all edges
  • Designed to meet NIJ Level III ballistic criteria
    • in testing, stopped bullets from 9mm to 7.62 mm lead core rifle ammunition used in high-power rifles
  • Starting at 0.6″ from the floor, ballistic protection extends up 78″
  • No sight lines into a room when the Door Barrier is deployed
  • Completely covers standard classroom or office doorways

Use Its Whiteboard Surfaces Every Day

  • EVERWhite whiteboard surfaces on interior front and side panels
  • Dry erase surfaces are guaranteed not to stain or ghost
  • Whiteboard surfaces are magnetic, offering expanded presentation use
  • The non-glaring matte surfaces prevent reflections from room or projector lighting
  • They look like mobile whiteboards, so their presence as a security device is unobtrusive

Contact MobileGuard

The Ballistic Door Barrier is part of the MOBILEGuard™ family of security products by EVERWhite, designed in consultation with school and security personnel. Order now by calling 800-335-7319, or use our quick contact form.

  • Note:
    • The MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Door Barrier is a dual-use product that serves as a mobile whiteboard for teaching and presentations and, when temporarily deployed, is intended to deter intruders from entering a classroom or office. When rolled into position and with casters locked, the door barrier adds another layer of fortification beyond a locked door. It is designed to meet NIJ III ballistic criteria. The door barrier covers a standard doorway but in no way attaches to the door, door frame or wall. Check with code authorities to ensure compliance with local or state regulations.

Download the MOBILEGuard™ Door Barrier information sheet.

Download the MOBILEGuard™ Door Barrier spect sheet.