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EVERWhite Introduces MOBILEGuard™

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Dual-Use System Provides Emergency Ballistic Shelter
from Intruders, and Daily Use of Whiteboard Surfaces

Looking for a shelter-in-place solution that you can easily customize for classrooms, offices, security checkpoints or other public places?

The new MOBILEGuard™ ballistic whiteboard panel system is the solution you’re looking for.

MOBILEGuard™ serves as a high-level ballistic barrier during active-shooter incidents – and provides daily presentation opportunities through the whiteboard or cork board surfaces on each side of the panels.

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Ideal for Classrooms and Any Gathering Space

MOBILEGuard™ ballistic panels are intended for use in schools, universities, businesses, government agencies and organizations seeking security solutions to prepare for active-shooter situations. For classrooms and other areas, MOBILEGuard™ provides an immediate shelter.

We consulted educators and security experts, and then designed MOBILEGuard™ to be the most customizable ballistic panel system on the market. Individual panels, even those of different heights, are easily and securely connected. Once connected, it’s easy to position the panels to create a shelter to provide immediate protection during active shooter incidents. The ballistic technology is designed to stop and enmesh bullets and blast fragments.


About MOBILEGuard

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MOBILEGuard™ is the premier shelter-in-place, configurable panel system that also provides daily use in classrooms, offices or other public spaces through its dry erase surfaces. The system is comprised of connectable ballistic resistant panels with EVERWhite’s magnetic, whiteboard or cork surfaces on both sides. The whiteboards are guaranteed not toAmulet Protective Technologies ghost or stain. The MOBILEGuard™ Ballistic Panel System is sold by Hartford, Wis.-based EVERWhite, a division of Glenroy, Inc., with advanced ballistic technology developed by Scottsdale, Az.-based Amulet® Protective Technologies, Inc. Order now or learn more about MOBILEGuard™ by calling 800-335-7319.