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MOBILEGuard™ Shelter-in-Place Solution Provides Configurability and Scalability for Any Space

Schools and businesses increasingly are adding ballistic protection systems in response to active-shooter incidents. Security experts recommend that organizations have defensive and responsive plans that include a variety of products and strategies. Now available as a high-value part of an overall protection system is MOBILEGuard™ — a dual-use, shelter-in-place solution.

classroom ballistic whiteboardsEVERWhite and Amulet Protective Technologies have come together to create this top-notch panel system that offers a full spectrum of advanced ballistic protection, with the ability to easy configure connected panels and to add panels of different dimensions.

MOBILEGuard™ allows you to connect multiple ballistic-resistant panels to create an ideal shelter for any room or area. See configuration examples. Panels legs are at 45-degree-angles, allowing for multiple angles of connected panels. When connected, there is virtually no space between panels, and ballistic protection extends to six-tenths of an inch from the floor.

The panels are available in mobile models (MOBILEpro) with lockable casters, and static models (STATICpro) with a stationary base. Panels connect via pin hinges, so the position of the panels can easily be changed. The HINGEpro bracket connects an end panel to a wall.

And should you decide that your classroom, office or other space needs some higher panels, we can accommodate you; MOBILEGuard™ offers panels of varying heights with a common hinge system. All these parts allow for the system to adapt to changing threat scenarios.

Learn more at the MOBILEGuard section of our website, or call 800-335-7319 to order today.