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MOBILEGuard Named a 2018 Top New Product for Schools

MOBILEGuard®, the new dual-purpose shelter-in-place solution from EVERWhite, is one of the year’s top new products for schools, according to two education industry magazines.

SPM - CPM top product awardThe magazines, College Planning & Management, and School Planning & Management magazines, selected the MOBILEGuard® ballistic panel system for its 2018 New Product Award.

The publications are leading information sources for those charged with planning, designing, constructing, equipping, operating and maintaining education-related buildings and grounds.

We’re extremely honored to receive this award. For the past 20 years, the education sector has relied on EVERWhite for top quality, non-staining whiteboards for classrooms. lecture halls, conference rooms and other spaces. With student safety a new key concern, we created MOBILEGuard® ballistic panels as a component of a school’s overall security system.

The MOBILEGuard® system won its New Product Award in the Classroom Security Devices category. With the system, users can easily connect and configure multiple panels to provide an immediately available shelter-in-place during active-shooter incidents.

Designed for Any Gathering Space

The system is intended for use in any gathering space, including classrooms, security checkpoints, reception areas, libraries and conference rooms.

We designed the system in consultation with eduction and security experts. Then we tested it to NIJ Level III standards for bullet-resistance. The result is a product that provides an immediate shelter-in-place solution during active-shooter incidents, with double-sided whiteboards that can be used every day.

MOBILEGuard® panels can easily be connected and configured to create a shelter for any space. Ballistic protection extends to within 0.6 inch of the floor. Panels are available in heights of 54 inches and 78 inches, and different height panels can be connected.

Products That Enhance the Learning Environment

The New Product Award program honors the outstanding product development achievements of manufacturers and suppliers whose products or services are considered to be particularly noteworthy in their ability to enhance the learning environment.

“Our New Product Awards program gives us the opportunity to honor companies that have developed products and services that go above and beyond in helping to improve the learning environment,” said Karen Cavallo, group publisher of School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management. “Research shows that there is a direct correlation between quality learning environments and improved student success – and these companies are leading the charge to make schools a better place for teachers to teach and students to learn.”

Winners are being highlighted in the November/December 2018 issues of School Planning & Management and College Planning and Management magazines and featured on the industry website, spaces4learning.com

Learn more at the MOBILEGuard® ballistic panel system section of our website.