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MOBILEGuard® Introduced as Key Component of School, Business Attacker-Protection Plan

Ballistic Barrier Panels Provide Shelter-in-Place, Daily Use of Whiteboard Surfaces

Schools are allocating more time and money on keeping their students and staff safe. Businesses, too, face rising concerns about random or targeted attacks. While no one can predict when or where a shooter may strike, schools, businesses and organizations can prepare for an attack through a variety of strategies and security products. Now, EVERWhite offers MOBILEGuard® — a shelter-in-place solution that offers significant advantages over existing products. 

mobile ballistic barrier panels along windowsMOBILEGuard® was designed to provide high-level protection during active-shooter or other intruder incidents in classrooms, offices, and other public spaces. It can be a valuable part of an overall safety and security plan for a school or business.

MOBILEGuard® combines ballistic technology with EVERWhite’s superior whiteboard surfaces to give this ballistic barrier a look of a normal classroom whiteboard.

Unlike simply a surface to do math problems and spelling review or business presentations or notes, MOBILEGuard® is bullet-resistant. It has a ballistic resistance range of .22 to 7.62mm (.308) ammunition, meeting Level III criteria of the National Institute for Justice. And unlike other ballistic whiteboards, MOBILEGuard® provides protection to within six-tenths of an inch from the floor.

MOBILEGuard® also offers the advantage of easy scalability. As needs and threats change, additional panels, including panels of different heights, can be added.

The ballistic panel system offers two different versions: MOBILEpro and STATICpro, both offering sizes of either 54” high x 62.5” wide or 78” high x 56.5” wide. A 16-inch-wide extension panel also is available. With that variety and the configurability of the system, ballistic protection can be customized for each classroom.

Learn more at the MOBILEGuard section of our website, or call 800-335-7319 to order today.