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MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Panel System Among Top School Products for 2018

College Planning and ManagementWe’re honored to see our new MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Panel System among 2018’s top new products for schools and colleges.

College Planning & Management, and School Planning & Management magazines presented MOBILEGuard® a 2018 New Product Award, based on MOBILEGuard’s ability to enhance the learning environment.

Since we introduced MOBILEGuard® in July, there has been tremendous interest in the product in the education sector and beyond. The panel system is designed to offer shelter-in-place protection during active-shooter incidents in any public space.

The magazines named MOBILEGuard® the top product in the Classroom Security Devices category.

The November/December issue of the magazine also focuses on school and college building projects in its Education Design Showcase.

Click here to see MOBILEGuard® in the digital version of College Planning and Management.

Learn more about our bullet-resistant whiteboard panels at the MOBILEGuard® section of our website.