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New MOBILEGuard® Ballistic Boards Offer Daily Whiteboard Use, Protection During Attacks

When adding protective technologies to a classroom, office, or public space, it may give off a negative vibe. Rather than just having a ballistic barrier in the room, why not be able to use it, too? MOBILEGuard® is the premier, dual-use whiteboard panel system that combines ballistic technology with the best dry erase surface — all designed for the greatest amount of configurability in a shelter-in-place panel system.

classroom bullet resistant whiteboardsEVERWhite surfaces are guaranteed not to stain or ghost, giving your classroom or office a whiteboard that stays white and bright. The dry erase surfaces are also magnetic, offering you even more opportunities. What about a cork board? MOBILEGuard® offers 15 different cork colors to choose from as an alternative to a whiteboard surface, so every classroom or office can match your school’s or company’s colors.

Should you want to customize your MOBILEGuard® dry erase surface with charts, calendars, or music staves, we can do that! We offer custom graphics or wording embedded under our proprietary surface, so you won’t feel any lines or indents. We know that your graphics will stay clean and protected under the surface and provide a lifetime guarantee to prove it.

MOBILEGuard® is a ballistic panel system with a variety of components that, when connected, provide a dual-use shelter unique to your needs. No other ballistic panel system offers the configurability and advanced ballistic technology as MOBILEGuard®. The system’s panels were designed to NIJ Level III, giving them resistance to ammunition ranging from .22 caliber to 7.62 mm.

The system was designed in consultation with educators and security experts.

Call 800-335-7319 to order today, or see the MOBILEGuard ballistic whiteboard section of our website.